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Sunday, February 11, 2024

WFC 1996 - Selfie with Dennis L. McKiernan


Reflecting on my first literary convention, the 1996 World Fantasy Convention.

I was able to have Dennis McKiernan sign my copy of The Dark Tide (Book #1 of the Iron Tower Trilogy).  I'd get to meet him again in Columbus OH at the WFC 2010, where he spent a good portion of his life.

The Alan Lee covers really drew me into that series, as well as the Foul Folks, especially the Ghuls. I read that series before Toliens Lord of the Rings (which inspired McKiernan to write his work).

Thursday, November 9, 2023

Authors serving the Skull meet at Dingles Irish Pub


Had a blast meeting up with fellow Sword and Sorcery authors at the local pub. With Andy Fix and Bill Pearce ... we salute Howard Andrew Jones whom we've admired and perhaps even served as Skull Interns. All hail the Skull!

With Bill Pearce who has a story in Tales from the Magician's Skull issue #11 (link to Gen Con 2023 when we first met),

Sunday, September 3, 2023

Gen Con 2023 Game Playtesting and Playing

 Gen Con Writers Symposium 2023 - S.E. Lindberg Chronicles

Gen Con 2023 - Connections and Selfies

 Gen Con Writers Symposium 2023 - S.E. Lindberg Chronicles

Sunday, October 16, 2022

Two Liars from Hell in Chicago

A work trip brought me to Chicago, and I managed to meet up with Joe Bonadonna for a few hours.  In 2021, I visited the same restaurant in lieu of that yr's canceled GenCon Writer's Symposium. Had hopes of tracking down David C. Smith again, and perhaps John O'Neill, but fate would not have it. Turns out Greg Mele is nearby too. Next time, I'll have to track them all down!

Of course, Joe is hoot. He and I have been collaborating with our Heroes In Hell stories, ensuring themes and characters are shared. Enjoy satire and horror?  Check out Liars in Hell!  

I recently interviewed Joe for my Beauty in Weird fiction series on Black Gate.  He really does make dark-fantasy fun. 


Wednesday, August 17, 2022

Conan IP and the Board Game - Playing with Rogues at GenCon 2022

This is one of a series of reports on GenCon 2022; other links coming soon from this Table of Contents, to be posted in random order:

·                 Rogues in the House Podcast 

·                 Conan IP Owner and the Board Game - Playing with Rogues [You Are Here]

·                 The Skull from Tales From the Magician's Skull roams the Exhibit Hall

·                 Dawn of Madness Gameplay with Byron Leavitt

·                 Writer's Symposium Overview

·                 Moderating Sorcery & Sorcery, Horror, Pulp, and Game Panels

Conan at GenCon 2022

Thanks to Matthew John (Rogue podcaster, author), I was able to guest my way into the Cabinet Entertainment mixer.  Here I continued great discussions with Sean CW Korsgaard (Baen Books), Steve Diamond (author), Jason Ray Carney (author/professor), Howard Andrew Jones (undead necromancer/author), and Gilles Plantin (COO Monolith Games) introduced to Heroic Signature's "consigliere" (Steve Booth) and snag a selfie with Fredrik Malmberg (CEO Cabinet Entertainment, IP holders of Robert E. Howard material) and even Peter Adkison (GenCon owner).  Conan IP is always a hot topic.  We covered some of that in the Writer's Symposim:

Conan IP and Pastiche Coverage in the Writer's Symposium

  • Gamifying Stories and Storifying Games (SEM22214106); Fri, 2:00 PM Aug 5th 2022: Translating from one media to the other. Jennifer Brozek, Byron Leavitt, Matt John, Lucien Soulban, S.E. Lindberg (M).
    • Link to recording coming soon
  • SWORD & SORCERY PASTICHE (SEM22214157) Saturday, 5:00 PM Aug 6th 2022;  
    • How to adopt someone's writing style, and where to blur the line to original. 
    • Howard Andrew Jones, Matthew John, Jason Ray Carney, S.E. Lindberg (M).
    • Link to recording coming soon

Conan the Board Game - Playing with Rogues

With all the hubbub going on in the Writer's Symposium at GenCon, I barely played any games. The primary battle I got to join was hosted by Deane Geiken and Matthew John (and Jimmy McGuire); Jason  Ray and Nicole Carney joined in too (Nicole was wicked at throwing complement Deane's lack of luck).  Conan was slaughtered, but his sacrifice enabled us to win the scenario against overlord Matthew John! 

Sunday, August 14, 2022

Dawn of Madness Gameplay and GenCon 2022 coverage

This is one of a series of reports on GenCon 2022; other links coming soon from this Table of Contents, to be posted in random order:

·                 Rogues in the House Podcast 

·                 Conan IP Owner and the Board Game - Playing with Rogues

·                 The Skull from Tales From the Magician's Skull roams the Exhibit Hall

·                 Dawn of Madness Gameplay with Byron Leavitt [You Are Here]

·                 Writer's Symposium Overview

·                 Moderating Sorcery & Sorcery, Horror, Pulp, and Game Panels


Dawn of Madness Gameplay and GenCon 2022 coverage

I'm a bit of Diemension Games nut, having (a) interviewed Byron Leavitt, (b) contributed stories with the "Sanguine Heretics" fan-group that made the Exhalted Blasphemies expansion, (c) created the Deep Madness Scenario Chronology (with Phil Blake), and (d) reviewed the Shattered Seas novel for Black Gate. 

  • God, Darkness, & Wonder: An Interview with Byron Leavitt
  • Exalted Blasphemies - Fan-Made Expansion for Deep Madness Boardgame 
  • Deep Madness Scenario Chronology
  • Shattered Seas Novel Review - Review by SE
  • As part of my Event Coordinator role at GenCon Writers Symposium I championed getting Byron on some panels and was able to hit the Exhibit Hall for some Dawn of Madness footage! 

    Byron Leavitt on GenCon Writer's Symposium Panels (to be loaded soon)

    1) Repulsive Appeal  (SEM22214058); Thursday, 11:00 AM EDT Aug 4th 2022

    How do we make horror appealing? Maurice Broaddus, Richard Dansky, Byron Leavitt, Jason Ray Carney, Steve Diamond, S.E. Lindberg (M) - link to recording coming soon

     2) Gamifying Stories and Storifying Games (SEM22214106) ; Friday, 2:00PM Aug 5th 

    2022 Translating from one media to the other. Jennifer Brozek, Byron Leavitt, Matt John, Lucien Soulban, S.E. Lindberg (M) - link to recording coming soon

    DAWN of Madness - Gameplay of Emily Hawkins (The Nurse) Story: "Bonds of the Twins"

    The King of Average's Diemension Games Coverage

    Deep Madness reprint with expansion coming this October?! 
    Giant new mini's of the epic monsters!

    Saturday, September 25, 2021

    GenCon_2021_ In Lieu of the Writer's Symposium

    This is part of a set of posts summarizing my GenCon 2021 experience:

    1. Overview of Gen Con 2021
    2. Gaming Hall & Painting
    3. in lieu of the Writer's Symposium <-- You are Here
    4. Dead Man's Cribbage Unboxing

    In lieu of the Writer's Symposium:

    Just a few years into volunteering with the Writer's Convention, I was sad when it got canceled in 2020 (with the entirety of GenCon, and again this round). Covid didn't help at all. Additionally, some key planners, volunteers were also struck with life changes (even two tragic deaths largely unrelated to the virus). In short, the future of the Symposium is in peril/disarray.  As per Melanie Meador's suggestion, I've reached out to GenCon's event coordinator about assisting in reviving it, but have not heard back. I'll be trying to stay in touch with others to get something going in 2022. For now, I found other ways to connect with the author/publishing crowd.  

    Chicago? My own personal panel with two S&S role models

    Okay, without any Writer's Symposium volunteering to do Wed. night I arranged a visit with Joe Bonadonna and David C. Smith. They live in Chicago, and I figured I could handle a ~7hr round trip (3.5hrs each way) drive to see them during the time slot I planned to network in Indianapolis. We had a four-hour discussion over lunch at Moretti's Ristorante.  

    Joe has had my back ever since 2015 when he reviewed Lords of Dyscrasia for Black Gate. Since then, he and I have shared several TOCs for Perseid Press's Heroes in Hell and Heroika anthologies. Great guy, His Dorgo the Dowser books are fun to read, in part since Dorgo feels like a natural extension of him.  

    Meeting David C. Smith in person was awesome too. Of course, he and Joe have partnered to write several short stories and the Waters of Darkness novel. I got to know David via reviewing his Oron books (including this tour guide on Black Gate). Managed to update his wikipedia page too as I worked with him to iron out the reading order (check out his photo!).

    These two both have muses rooted in cinema. I soaked up their conversation as best I could. Was honored to share signing books with them.

    Back in Indy: Author's Avenue

    I met Chris A. Jackson during my first time to GenCon. He's writing a bunch of Pathfinder material now, and ~3 other series. I liked his Weapon of Flesh previously, so I picked up Zellohar and Nekdukarr, which are Sword & Sorcery novels co-written with his wife Anne L. McMillen-Jackson.

    He shares an interest in reviving the Writer's Symposim. He clued me in on the never-ending "continual convention" too:

    Film Scripting Panel Video Film Festival

    I infiltrated the Film Festival to learn how they approach writing. Apart from using Final Draft software, their process for creating a story differs in many ways from a novel. Namely, the story creation is often a team effort, so the interplay between writers, actors, and the directors is interesting.

    Game ID:  FLM21197368 Gen Con Film Festival
    Description:   Making a movie? First you'll need a script! Learn from our experienced scriptwriters!
    Start Date & Time: / Friday, 12:00 PM EDT; Location: / Westin : Council

    Indie Design & Publishing Roundtable

    Game ID:  SEM21195822. Satine Phoenix, former community manager of Dungeons & Dragons & Jamison Stone, Creative Director and CEO of Apotheosis Studios, have gathered some of the great minds of indie gaming for a live roundtable discussion on game design & publishing.

    Start Date & Time: Friday, 1:00 PM EDT /  End Date & Time:  Friday, 2:00 PM EDT /  Location: Westin : Grand IV

    L-->R : Sam at Indiegate, EmiIy Setigue, Jamison Stone (Creative Director and CEO of Apotheosis Studios,), Satine Phoenix (former community manager of Dungeons & Dragons)


    Lots of great artists were present. I got a print and spent some time speaking to Echo Chernik Her art nouveau style may be a good fit for depicting Dr. Grave's daughters (whom I am writing about now).


    I recognized Unsheathed in Jay Erikson's booth (I'm a big Charles Gramlich fan who has a contribution in this Sword & Sorcery book).  Had a great conversation about gamifying novels into 5e or Pathfinder modules, and learned about the July 8-10 2020 Imaginarium symposium (