Wednesday, August 17, 2022

Conan IP and the Board Game - Playing with Rogues at GenCon 2022

This is one of a series of reports on GenCon 2022; other links coming soon from this Table of Contents, to be posted in random order:

·                 Rogues in the House Podcast 

·                 Conan IP Owner and the Board Game - Playing with Rogues [You Are Here]

·                 The Skull from Tales From the Magician's Skull roams the Exhibit Hall

·                 Dawn of Madness Gameplay with Byron Leavitt

·                 Writer's Symposium Overview

·                 Moderating Sorcery & Sorcery, Horror, Pulp, and Game Panels

Conan at GenCon 2022

Thanks to Matthew John (Rogue podcaster, author), I was able to guest my way into the Cabinet Entertainment mixer.  Here I continued great discussions with Sean CW Korsgaard (Baen Books), Steve Diamond (author), Jason Ray Carney (author/professor), Howard Andrew Jones (undead necromancer/author), and Gilles Plantin (COO Monolith Games) introduced to Heroic Signature's "consigliere" (Steve Booth) and snag a selfie with Fredrik Malmberg (CEO Cabinet Entertainment, IP holders of Robert E. Howard material) and even Peter Adkison (GenCon owner).  Conan IP is always a hot topic.  We covered some of that in the Writer's Symposim:

Conan IP and Pastiche Coverage in the Writer's Symposium

  • Gamifying Stories and Storifying Games (SEM22214106); Fri, 2:00 PM Aug 5th 2022: Translating from one media to the other. Jennifer Brozek, Byron Leavitt, Matt John, Lucien Soulban, S.E. Lindberg (M).
    • Link to recording coming soon
  • SWORD & SORCERY PASTICHE (SEM22214157) Saturday, 5:00 PM Aug 6th 2022;  
    • How to adopt someone's writing style, and where to blur the line to original. 
    • Howard Andrew Jones, Matthew John, Jason Ray Carney, S.E. Lindberg (M).
    • Link to recording coming soon

Conan the Board Game - Playing with Rogues

With all the hubbub going on in the Writer's Symposium at GenCon, I barely played any games. The primary battle I got to join was hosted by Deane Geiken and Matthew John (and Jimmy McGuire); Jason  Ray and Nicole Carney joined in too (Nicole was wicked at throwing complement Deane's lack of luck).  Conan was slaughtered, but his sacrifice enabled us to win the scenario against overlord Matthew John!