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Monday, September 13, 2021

Books For Beverage Program

Buy a book that I published or have a short story in...then ping me to meet up... and then receive a complimentary beverage (coffee, tea, beer, etc.).  That's the Books-For-Beverage program.

Dick Ward has been the best at this. Always fun to meet up with friends and fans.  Appreciate his support over the years. 

Sunday, September 13, 2020

Books-for-Beverage program, and a nice review

So the Books-for-Beverage program continues. This time, Sir Dick Ward got complimentary. hot Green Tea Latte for reading even more Dyscrasia Fiction and Perseid Press books. He's read a bunch by now, and his wife even helped inspire the annual Larvae-cake celebration (the third event coming up again Halloween time, though the Covid culture may prevent me from sharing the infested cupcakes). Anyway, I appreciate his support and comradeship. Great guy. BTW, we were safely socially distance on an exterior porch for this photo opportunity.

The Books-For-Beverage program works as follows: buy a book that I author or co-author... and when you want a drink (coffee, beer, Tang, whatever), let me know; when we can meet I'll buy a round. This has worked pretty well, except for Liz Jacobs, whom I owe two drinks (her moving to Tenessee didn't help... but I haven't forgotten).

Also this week, Lords of Dyscrasia received a great review (excerpt below). 
"Lords of Dyscrasia by S.E. Lindberg reminds me of a Lovecraft/Moorcock lovechild
..... This is epic in a Dante sense. You plummet with the characters into a devil's playground, a nine pits of Hell kind of world where all the players are dead, dying or parading about in the flayed flesh of the fallen. This is full-length Lovecraft. This is completely unveiled Old Testament"  -- JR Koivu

More updates coming very soon about future installments of Dyscrasia Fiction. Cheers!


Friday, March 2, 2018

Books for Beverage Program

Another dyscrasia victim! 

After listening to the audio book of Spawn of Dyscrasia, Matt earned a Starbuck's Blonde Roast as part of the Book-for-Beverage program: buy any version of Dyscrasia Fiction book [eBook, Paperback, or Audible] and I'll buy you a drink [tea, coffee, smoothy, shake, beer, whatever].

Thursday, December 28, 2017

Everdings - Book For Beverage

A few weeks ago, Daryl purchased Helen's Daimones. Below he shows off the book with his Communications Director (image from Facebook). Thanks to the Everdings for supporting weird fiction!
As part of the Book-For-Beverage program, I bought him an Alaskan Amber!

Book-For-Beverage: Buy a Dyscrasia Fiction book (electronic or paperback), and I'll spot you a beverage: milkshake, tea, coffee, or beer!

Thursday, December 14, 2017

Books For Beer - Frank

Frank has been a supportive neighbor, reading the whole Dyscrasia Fiction series (even prior the Book-For-Beverage Program (i.e., buy a book, and SE will buy you a  He was feeling under the weather so hitting a pub was out, but accepted the Noel Christmas stout.  Thanks, Frank!

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Time Traveler's Wife "victim" now plagued with dyscrasia

Dyscrasia Fiction - Books for Beverage Program continues.

A few years ago, Jessica read The Time Traveler's Wife; she enjoyed it, but it was emotionally draining and she has not read fiction since. Eh gad! She has read lots of scientific literature on the engineering of industrial cleaning & santization, so she was primed for some good horror.

So, she was lured into the weird-fiction world with Helen's Daimones.  The Book for Beverage Program was key for this therapy (in short: buy a Dyscrasia Ficiton book of any format, and I'll treat you to a beverage). She chose coffee as her reward. Starbuck's came through, and the Holiday Spice Flat White was a good stand-in for the desired Pumpkin Spice. A freshly toasted crumpet or authentic scone would have been better yet, but hey we are not in England.

Thanks Jessica for your support.

Thursday, October 26, 2017

Book For Beverage (Beer/Coffee) Program

Book For Beverage (Beer/Coffee) Program

It is simple. Purchase Dyscrasia Fiction and I'll buy you a beverage.  

For Dick Ward, his choice was beer. What's Yours?