Saturday, June 17, 2017

Obscure Works Groupread - July Aug on Groupreads

The Sword & Sorcery Group on 

will become "Obscure"!

Time to unearth arcana! Sword & Sorcery, our group reads for July and August are "OBSCURE WORKS." So we all won't be reading the same books, but we all can search for them, read, discuss, and review them! Let's shed a little light on lost gems.

Discussion Folder for Obscure Books Link - click here to join in! 

Remember the poll? Poll Link for obscure bookst... if you need a goal, try one of those. If you voted for one, read it or discuss why you chose it. Our banner is made from two of those items: 

Heather Gladney's Blood Storm (sequel to Teot's War of The Song of Naga Teot series). Cover by John Jude Palencar 1989

The Book of Paradox by Louise Cooper, cover by Frank Frazetta 1973.

Blood Storm (The Song of Naga Teot, #2) by Heather Gladney The Book of Paradox by Louise Cooper