Saturday, January 22, 2011

Xmas Card 2010 Bits

Making Holiday Cards has become an evolving tradition. 
The sequence of cards are on:

The composition is in tribute Frank Frazetta's Silver Warrior cover art (Frazetta was a legendary fantasy who passed away this year- 2010; Heidi insisted I remove the sword from Santa's hand...actually she talked me down from doing a "Gift Dealer" rendition of Santa riding Rudolf that mirrored Frazetta's Death Dealer --actually, "Father Christmas" has a history of riding Yule Goats in Scandinavia folktales, so this might be okay for next year's theme).

I thought I should share a little of my workflow:

Frank Frazetta's Silver Warrior painting inspired the composition(Frank passed away in 2010)

Initial Sketch of Santa (without sword)
Photoshop Screenshot revealing excessive layering and masking

My Final 2010 Cover

ImagineFX and Grunge Textures

This year Lords of Dyscrasia should embark in its publishing process, either a publishing group I met at the World Fantasy Convention in Columbus, OH 2010, or via a self-publishing route.  I am working on updating the sketches now, adding a grunge look to most.  A Flash browser of the entire gallery is available here:

For example, I show the undead archer/cannibal Gnarl below:



Workflow: in future posts I'll share my workflow.  In short, I sketch with pencil first.   I explore various compositions that reflect the character and the atmosphere in which they are being depicted at that point in the story.  Then I scan it in, and work the rest via Photoshop.  I have recently discovered a community of professional artists who have similar workflows (ImagineFX).  The magazine is a bit expensive, but is worth it for the tips and digital resources provided on the DVD.  Many "reprints" of tutorials/workshops are available free @