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Saturday, April 24, 2021

May-June S&S Group-reads: Non-Fiction, Empire of Sol, and Simon of Gitta!

 Sword & Sorcery: "An earthier sort of fantasy"

Goodreads Group

This May-June we will have three topics to focus on! (Worlds Beyond Worlds: The Short Fiction of John R. Fultz was a close 4th place, so that'll be a lead topic for July-Aug). All are welcome to join in!

(1) Non-Fiction Discussion Folder link

(2) The Lost Empire of Sol Discussion Folder link

(3) Simon of Gitta Discussion Folder

Banner Credits
Three topics, cover art in banner represents them (cover artists below):
1) Non-Fiction represented by Flame and Crimson: A History of Sword-and-Sorcery : cover art by Tom Barber
2) Lost Empire of SolScott Oden Presents The Lost Empire of Sol: A Shared World Anthology of Sword & Planet Tales : cover art by M.D. Jackson 2021
3) Simon of Gitta Sorcery Against Caesar: The Complete Simon of Gitta Short Stories: cover art by Steven Gilberts 2020

Sunday, February 21, 2021

Mar-Apr 2021 Group Reads: Nostalgia And Appendix N: Eldritch Roots of D&D

Sword & Sorcery Group On Goodreads

Our Spring 2021 (March-April) groupreads will have a "rebirth" theme to our two topics. Please join us!

Nostalgia TOPIC FOLDER: Share, reread, and review the books that lured you into the Sword & Sorcery genre.

Appendix N: Eldritch Roots FOLDER LINK. The anthology "
Appendix N: The Eldritch Roots of Dungeons and Dragons" exhibits the weird roots of Sword & Sorcery, and was a hot topic delayed from our Jan-Feb Anthology topic (book release was moved to late Feb).

Banner Credits, L --> R

Saturday, December 26, 2020

2021 Annual ANTHOLOGY and MAGAZINE group read begins Jan 1st!

Sword & Sorcery Group on Goodreads

Our annual group read for Sword & Sorcery Anthologies and Magazines starts now (thru Feb-2021)! 

Please join us as we read new and old anthologies & magazines, the media form that kickstarted the genre.

Great way to discover classic and contemporary authors!

Discuss here/below. Link to Discussion Folder

Please peruse and add to the Poll which we are using as means to communicate books we are reading or discussing. Poll Link

Masthead banner and credits
Tales from the Magician's Skull #5: cover art by Manuel Pérez Clemente (Sanjulián)
Appendix N: The Eldritch Roots of Dungeons and Dragons cover art by Arik Roper
Savage Scrolls Volume One : Thrilling Tales of Sword-and-Sorcery cover art by Jesus Garcia (to be confirmed)

Thursday, December 26, 2019

Anthology Groupread 2020 - Jan Feb on S&S - Goodreads

Sword & Sorcery Group on Goodreads

Happy Yuletide, Xmas, etc... and especially Happy New Year.

The next two months are slotted for Anthology reading, the foundation of the S&S genre is formed from short stories... and plenty of new collections are out there. Classic or new, grab one from your TBR pile and join in.

The Jan-Feb 2020 Anthology discussion folder (link)

"What anthologies are people reading?", a list (disguised as a Poll): Link to list/poll, feel welcome to add your vote (or write one in)

The inspirational Image Banner credits (L-R)