Sunday, August 14, 2022

Dawn of Madness Gameplay and GenCon 2022 coverage

This is one of a series of reports on GenCon 2022; other links coming soon from this Table of Contents, to be posted in random order:

·                 Rogues in the House Podcast 

·                 Conan IP Owner and the Board Game - Playing with Rogues

·                 The Skull from Tales From the Magician's Skull roams the Exhibit Hall

·                 Dawn of Madness Gameplay with Byron Leavitt [You Are Here]

·                 Writer's Symposium Overview

·                 Moderating Sorcery & Sorcery, Horror, Pulp, and Game Panels


Dawn of Madness Gameplay and GenCon 2022 coverage

I'm a bit of Diemension Games nut, having (a) interviewed Byron Leavitt, (b) contributed stories with the "Sanguine Heretics" fan-group that made the Exhalted Blasphemies expansion, (c) created the Deep Madness Scenario Chronology (with Phil Blake), and (d) reviewed the Shattered Seas novel for Black Gate. 

  • God, Darkness, & Wonder: An Interview with Byron Leavitt
  • Exalted Blasphemies - Fan-Made Expansion for Deep Madness Boardgame 
  • Deep Madness Scenario Chronology
  • Shattered Seas Novel Review - Review by SE
  • As part of my Event Coordinator role at GenCon Writers Symposium I championed getting Byron on some panels and was able to hit the Exhibit Hall for some Dawn of Madness footage! 

    Byron Leavitt on GenCon Writer's Symposium Panels (to be loaded soon)

    1) Repulsive Appeal  (SEM22214058); Thursday, 11:00 AM EDT Aug 4th 2022

    How do we make horror appealing? Maurice Broaddus, Richard Dansky, Byron Leavitt, Jason Ray Carney, Steve Diamond, S.E. Lindberg (M) - link to recording coming soon

     2) Gamifying Stories and Storifying Games (SEM22214106) ; Friday, 2:00PM Aug 5th 

    2022 Translating from one media to the other. Jennifer Brozek, Byron Leavitt, Matt John, Lucien Soulban, S.E. Lindberg (M) - link to recording coming soon

    DAWN of Madness - Gameplay of Emily Hawkins (The Nurse) Story: "Bonds of the Twins"

    The King of Average's Diemension Games Coverage

    Deep Madness reprint with expansion coming this October?! 
    Giant new mini's of the epic monsters!