Sunday, December 22, 2019

Deep Madness Scenario Guide - Chronology

I just submitted an updated Word file (version 3) in the BGG Files for Deep Madness (Dec 22, 2019) to accommodate the Faces of the Sphere expansion.

I assume it will be approved soon by the admins.I think Version #3 will appear in place of #2 will appear here:

And the Deep Madness Facebook crew (thanks Phil) actually has a Files section (I just learned) and it has a similar guide:

 updated Oct-23-2020, Version 5

Deep Madness Scenario Guide and Chronology





Character Focus


Shattered Seas (complements book, requires a game tile from Uncounted Horrors)

1: Shattered Worlds

Lucas Kane (marine biologist)

Pre-Core Story


Rise of Dagon

1: Rite of Bile

Ward Phillips (novelist)

Regan Waite (cultist)

Meredith Waite(executive)

2: Virulent Whispers

3: Dagon Rising

Profundum PDF/The Faces of the Sphere

1: Drowning in the Depths (tutorial)

Same as core story

Core Story

Core Box of Deep Madness

1: Crawling Asphyxia

Arthur Weyland (engineer),

Felicia Armitage (doctor0,

Jared Drake (soldier),

Randi Carter (researcher),

Roman Asimov (biochemist),

Samuel Smith (captain)

2: Last Shuttle to Hell

3: Bathphobia

4: Through the Looking Glass

5: Madness Within

6: Lost in the Mist

7: The Horror Beneath

8: The Substance of Terror

Middle of Core Story

Oracle’s Betrayal

1: Trimming Virtues

Hannah Cobb (little girl)

John Murdock (detective)

Dr. Clarence Branom (psychiatrist)

Dr. William West

2: Collecting Tissue

3: Lobotomy

“True Ending”

to Core Story

Uncounted Horrors

1: Another Dawn

David (pilot),

Pris (secretary),

Dakota Johnson (officer),

Stephen Cooper (physicist),

 Charles Ryan (heavy miner),

Jacob Clarke (relief expert),

Amanda Weaver (quartermaster),

 Sophie Brigman (diver)

Jon (cat)

Post Core Story

Profundum PDF/The Faces of the Sphere

1: Faces of the Sphere

Same as core story + Hannah + Ward Phillips + Jacob Clarke (but evolved!)



Endless Nightmares

1: Fathoms Dark

Christopher Dalton (mystic),

 Emma Kruger (special agent),

 Franklyn Christie (navigator),

Amanda Weaver (quartermaster)

 Isaiah Wiesenthal (prophet),

 Lisbeth Gibson (hacker),

Sophie Brigman (diver),

Scarelt Romanov (special agent)

2: Fevered Dreams

3: Expectant Terror