Sunday, September 3, 2023

Gen Con 2023: Tales from the Magician's Skull

 Gen Con Writers Symposium 2023 - S.E. Lindberg Chronicles

This post focuses on the Skull (from Tales from the Magician's Skull magazine) appearing at the Goodman-Games publishing booth, Gen Con 2023.  Check out the range of issues available from Goodman-Games here (link)

Witness the chaos unfold as the Skull appears from his ziggurat via this 4min footage created by mediocre interns with uncertain futures:
  • This is front-line reporting from the Booth-that-Goodman-Built around the Skull's Ziggurat (that was daring of Sir Goodman; tensions flare!) War-seasoned military liaison Sean CW Korsgaard from the land of Baen joined two interns to witness the chaos. 
  • See the Skull emerge from the ziggurat, play pinball, battle interns, accept the tome of Shattered Lands, and then battle Sir Goodman for control of the Booth!

See more photos at the Tales from the Magician's Skull website (link)

The Skull blesses Matthew John (who has a tale in Issue #10) and wallops me in the head)

The Skull materializes a copy of Issue #9!  
Therein my story 'Orphan Maker' appears. 

With Bill Pearce (has a story in issue #11) & the esteemed Howard Andrew Jones

Visiting Joseph Goodman of Goodman-Games in front of the Skull's Ziggurat