Sunday, September 3, 2023

Gen Con 2023 - Connections and Selfies

 Gen Con Writers Symposium 2023 - S.E. Lindberg Chronicles

This post captures myriad connections and selfies from Gen Con 2023.

Partaking in the Diana Jones Award celebration at the Slippery Noodle (known for their live music) I got to make funny faces with Peter Adkison (owner of Gen Con and first owner of Wizards of the Coast)

En route to the Heroic Signature social, Matthew John and I crossed paths with Joe Manganiello (Matthew John is >6' tall)

At the Heroic Signature's social event with Matthew John (Monolith Games), Fredrick Malmberg (publisher, producer, and CEO of Cabinet Entertainment, which holds the rights to Robert E. Howard), Howard Andrew Jones (author; editor of Tales from the Magician's Skull)

Met Erik Mona, publisher and chief creative officer of Paizo Inc., and discussed gamifying events at Gen Con

Jeszika Le Vye - Got her to sign C. S. Friedman's new Nightborn: Coldfire book (which she did the cover art for!) 

Met Bill Pearce (contributor to Tales from the Magician's Skull #11) with HAJ

Byron Leavitt, Diemension Games writer whom I've interviewed and contributed two scenario stories in their latest Kickstarter and expansion for Deep Madness.

Fellow Black Gate contributor, Brandon Crilly

Got to know Dedren Snead while on a few panels. Awesome Sword & Soul champion, and founder of Subsume Studios! See Panels: Sword & Sorcery & Handling New Releases.

Howard Andrew Jones & Sean CW Korsgaard; blessed with the first-ever book signing of HAJ's new Lord of a Shattered Land book.

My Aikido sensei and longtime friend (who got me hooked on Gen Con), Dirk Domaschko, and my game-designing brother, Scott Lindberg, blended well with the Sword & Sorcery group

Visiting Joseph Goodman of Goodman-Games in front of the Skull's Ziggurat

Playtesting Matthew John's prototype with Scott Lynch, Howard Andrew Jones, Sean CW Korsgaard, Elizabeth Bear, and the mad Canadian.

Quackalope!  Stumbled across the game review couple in the JW Marriot