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Friday, November 27, 2015

Practical Surfactants - Illustrations and Phase Diagram Widget

I've had the pleasure of knowing Professor Steven Abbott for several years now.  His credentials are solid (Oxford & Harvard Chemistry PhD, U. Strasbourg Post Doc in Nobel Prize lab, Senior Manager ICI, Research Director MacDermid Autotype, Visiting Professor U. Leeds, Independent Scientist, Consultant, Trainer, Author) and his personality splendidly high-energy.

His knack for making web-based, interactive models is well-established, especially for coatings, adhesives, and solubility issues. More recently, he has created a package for understanding surfactants/detergents, available online - Practical Surfactants site and now in a Practical Surfactants- Free eBook.  I was thrilled to be able to provide some illustrations for the eBook (i.e. for surfactant curvature) as well as co-developing the Phase Diagram tab which includes some awesome sub-tabs:
Two-Phase Regions and Lever-Rule Widget / Ternary Diagram Basics /
  Understand the Gibb's Phase Rule / Ternary Data Viewer

Practical Surfactants - Online Interface

Hanging out with Professor Abbott (2019)

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Rheology in the Real World - Rheology Panel Oct 2014

Society of Rheology 2014 
The microscopist/material scientist in me has enjoyed SoR since 2005.  It was a pleasure to participle in the Industrial Panel this round. Here is the news blurb:

27 October 2014 American Institute of Physics News

AIP and SOR proudly partnered in their annual look at industrial applications of rheology at SOR’s annual meeting in Philadelphia on October 5. Entitled “Rheology in the Real World,” this panel session featured speakers from the Dow Chemical Company, NIST, the University of Queensland, Medimmune, and Procter & Gamble. The standing-room-only audience was filled with students eager to learn from SOR members working in industry or industrial applications of rheology. The reception that followed the panel discussion was particularly lively. AIP and SOR are grateful to Maryam Sepher (Chevron), Amy Shen (Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology), Gerry Fuller (Stanford), and Matthew Reichert (Dow) for organizing this successful event.

"Rheology in the Real World" organizers and panelists. Standing, from the left - Gerry Fuller, Matthew Reichert, Maryam Sepher, Amy Shen. Seated, from the left - Seth Lindberg (Procter & Gamble), Catherine Jackson (Dow Chemical Company), Michael Boehm (University of Queensland), Kalman Migler (NIST), Jai Pathak (Medimmune).