Saturday, October 23, 2021

Day of Might - Oct 23rd marks a S&S Holiday

Grab a candle, gong, and S&S magazine/book now, and prepare to celebrate!

As notified via the Tales from the Magician's Skull blog, the Skull commands you to celebrate Sword & Sorcery today. Listen to his video transmission.

Check out Liam Lyceum's Video, as he explains how to celebrate:

But Liam is one of the few. What are you doing to celebrate S&S?

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But wait, there is more. Listen to Joseph Goodman and Howard Andrew Jones celebrate the Day of Might:

Nov-Dec S&S Groupreads


Sword & Sorcery Group on Goodreads

Join us for our Nov-Dec Group-read Topics (Folder/Discussion links below)

Cover Art Credits [Stephen E. Fabian (Far AWay & Never), Ken Kelly (Conan and the Emerald Lotus) and Lauren St. Onge (When the Goddess Wakes)].

Campbell's Ryre in Far Away & Never
Far Away & Never by Ramsey Campbell Far Away and Never by Ramsey Campbell

Conan Pastiche
Conan and the Emerald Lotus by John C. Hocking Conan the Rebel by Poul Anderson The Mists of Doom (Cormac Mac Art, #1) by Andrew J. Offutt Solomon Kane by Ramsey Campbell

Howard Andrew Jones' Ring Sworn Trilogy
When the Goddess Wakes (The Ring-Sworn Trilogy, #3) by Howard Andrew Jones For the Killing of Kings (The Ring-Sworn Trilogy #1) by Howard Andrew Jones Upon the Flight of the Queen (The Ring-Sworn Trilogy, #2) by Howard Andrew Jones

Saturday, October 16, 2021

Special Tales from the Magician's Skull issue AND Sat. Oct 23rd is The Day of Might


Special Issue, Available only through the October 2021 Kickstarter

With intern#331, I scried the future by reading the bones in the Skull’s scat (recall, we clean out his chamber pot). Noting the arrangement of osseous matter, extended ligaments, and larvae-ridden marrow, it seems likely that 

(1) the remains are from intern#127 and ....

(2) The KS will offer a special issue not available in print through any other channel. (It will be available in PDF elsewhere, but the print version will only be available through this KS.)

People who have already subscribed can extend their subscriptions via the KS. Click here to be notified of the ~Oct 24th Kickstarter:

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Also, the day prior to the launch, Sat. Oct 23rd, expect some video extravaganza.  See here an excerpt clipping from Tales from the Magician's Skull #6:

Saturday, October 9, 2021

Tales From the Magician's Skull Welcomes Grave Lindberg, Jr. as Publicity Thrall

Tales From the Magician's Skull Welcomes Grave Lindberg, Jr. as Publicity Thrall

Goodman Games announces Publicity Intern

Content reposted from the Goodman Games site:

It pleases the Skull to announce the hiring of Intern #331 to the position of Publicity Thrall, tasked with the propagation of news and announcements concerning Tales From the Magician’s Skull in the realmspace of the interwebs. Furthermore, the Skull anticipates a job opening along very similar lines to materialize in around 4-6 months, and will be accepting applications for Intern #322 at that time.

A surviving participant of the Skull’s recent Open Call, Intern #331’s initial task at Skull HQ was the preparation and serving of coffee, a task he performed poorly. Therefore he was enrolled in the Skull’s continuing education program and imbarred in a kennel, forcibly separated from his Teddy Bear “Rufus,” the suspected source of a degree of retrograde emotionalism on his part, and commanded to ‘seriously contemplate’ his career aspirations. In a move that greatly impressed management, he was utterly forgotten about for several weeks, and #331’s ability to both not overburden his superiors with ephemera and not lose his mind in the oubliette of horrors wherein he was confined recommended him for promotion. When it was realized he was one of the few survivors of the Open Call by dint of his misplacement, this ‘interred intern’s’ upward trajectory was all but assured.

As one of the select survivors, #331 earned the much-coveted Intern-of-the-Year Award, which he is permitted to gawp at in the vault on the first Tuesday of every odd-numbered month. But far grander than this, Intern #331 has been allowed to remain at the Skull’s side for even more TFTMS publishing-world experience, and he will even hereafter be known by his mortal name outside official documentation (though he is forbidden the removal of his numerical tattoo). And, while the Skull cannot currently recall his actual name . . . he is certain it rhymes with Hindenburg.

(Upon further review of both the thaumaturgical archives and the kennel sign in sheet, it has been determined that Intern #331’s name is in fact Grave Lindberg, Jr.)

This Fall, #331’s role primarily involves the ritual cleansing of the Skull’s chamber pot, but he will also be expected to broadcast public announcements while manning the pillory. We have little hope he will last, but please join us in welcoming another pair of hands in service of the Skull!

Friday, October 8, 2021

Weirdbook Zombies - Released with "Queen of Hearts" by SE Lindberg


Weirdbook's Annual Anthology edited by Doug Draa is available now!  

US Amazon Link

Proud to have contributed the caboose story in this one with my story "Queen of Hearts" that pits Man vs. Nature.

"Queen of Hearts" is Horror-Noir, a humorous, bloody take on a New Orleans steeped in coffee, rather than alcohol; when criminals weaponize coffee beans, Nature wins. "Queen of Hearts"  illustrates that Man can only try to manage other naive Men; Nature is not ours to control.

The story was inspired years ago when I visited New Orleans and met fellow Perseid Press/Heroika authors Charles Gramlich​ and Beth Paxton​.  

Official Anthology Blurb: 

Every year, WEIRDBOOK Magazine publishes a collection of short stories to thrill and delight readers worldwide. This year, we challenged authors to come up with memorable takes on the zombies, and the result is this fantastic collection of 34 new stories. Included are:

  • The Meddler, by Matthew John
  • Tiger Girls vs. the Zombies, by Lucy A. Snyder
  • Dead Between the Eyes, by Adrian Cole
  • Alive Again, by Franklyn Searight
  • The Night Hans Kroeger Came Back, by Kenneth Bykerk
  • The Marching Dead, by Andrew Darlington
  • I Wished for Zombies, by D.C. Lozar
  • O Mary Don’t You Mourn, by Mike Chinn
  • To Die, To Sleep, No More, by Erica Ruppert
  • Run, Monster, Run, by Teasha Seitz
  • Another Night in Bayou Sauvage, by Chad Hensley
  • Kifaro, by Dilman Dila
  • But I Love Him, by Scott Wheelock
  • Who Wants to Live Forever? by Angela Yuriko Smith
  • The Dead Are Always Hungry, by Christopher Alex Ray
  • Zen Zombies, by R. A. Smith
  • Cassius Max, by KT Morley
  • A Nanotech Samsara, by J.N. Cameron
  • Pine in the Soul, by John Linwood Grant
  • “Welcome Home”, by Craig E. Sawyer
  • Papa Hanco, by Ed Reyes
  • They Shall Eat Dust, by Josh Reynolds
  • In Shadow Valley, by Nick Swain
  • Devil’s Bargain, by J.F. Le Roux
  • Right for You Now, by Andrew Jennings
  • E’Zunguth, the Zombie God, by Maxwell I. Gold
  • Lazy River, by Kelly Piner
  • The New Human, by Shayne K. Keen
  • This Little Piggy, by EV Knight
  • Life Unworthy of Life, by Stephanie Ellis
  • More Blood, by Carson Ray
  • This Creeping Cold, by Kevin Rees
  • The Body I Used to Be, by Scott Edelman
  • Queen of Hearts, by S.E. Lindberg

Plus poetry by Ashley Dioses, Avra Margariti, Josh Maybrook, Darrell Schweitzer, Lori R. Lopez, Allan Rozinski, K.A. Opperman, Gregg Chamberlain, Robert Borski, David C. Kopaska-Merkel, Colleen Anderson, and David C. Kopaska-Merkel.