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Wednesday, July 5, 2023

A Book of Blades Vol 2 - Features Dyscrasia Fiction

A Book of Blades Volume II (Rogues in the House Podcast, July 2023).  Cover by Jesus Garcia.

In 2022, Dyscrasia Fiction appeared in Book of Blades Vol. 1.

The necromantic Doctor Grave still struggles to "raise" three daughters; so the chronology of Ember, Leech, and Mel continues with "Breaching Earth's Womb" appearing in the just-released A Book of Blades Vol. II

Contributing Authors to A Book of Blades Vol II:

  • Charles Clark
  • T.A. Markitan
  • S.E. Lindberg
  • Scott Oden
  • Bryn Hammond
  • Jason Ray Carney
  • Z.S. Reynolds
  • Matthew John
  • Oliver Brackenbury
  • J. Thomas Howard
  • J.M Clarke
  • Kirk A. Johnson
  • John R. Fultz
  • Steve Dilks

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Saturday, August 13, 2022

S.E Lindberg debuts on the Rogues in the House Podcast, wins award from the Skull at GenCon 2022, BTS Footage

This is one of a series of reports on GenCon 2022; other links coming soon from this Table of Contents, to be posted in random order:

·                 Rogues in the House Podcast  [You Are Here]

·                 Conan IP Owner and the Board Game - Playing with Rogues

·                 The Skull from Tales From the Magician's Skull roams the Exhibit Hall

·                 Dawn of Madness Gameplay with Byron Leavitt

·                 Writer's Symposium Overview

·                 Moderating Sorcery & Sorcery, Horror, Pulp, and Game Panels

S.E Lindberg debuts on the Rogues in the House Podcast, wins award from the Skull at GenCon 2022, BTS Footage

Early this year I reported on the Rogues in the House podcast for Black Gate. Check it out. As the Rogues move beyond podcasts to build the Sword & Sorcery community, they started publishing anthologies including the just released A Book of Blades which I proudly contributed a Dyscrasia Fiction story: "Embracing Ember." With my Event Coordinator role for the GenCon Writers Symposium, I did my best to gather the Rogues and other contributors to A Book of Blades on several panels. We gathered in Marriott Ballroom #4 to record this special session. I highlight two timepoints:
  • 6:45 min:sec: The Skull crashes the party and award his only named intern an award
  • 48 min: I namedrop two friends, fellow Aikidoka Sensei Dirk Domaschko and Master David Silver, attributing them for getting me into the GenCon culture years ago. 

The Rogues on Hallowed Ground (link to Aug 8-2022 podcast episode)
"Rogues, old and new, meet at the mecca called GenCon. In this very special episode, Deane and Matt are joined by Howard Andrew Jones, Seth Lindberg, Steve Diamond, Sean CW Korsgaard, Jason Ray Carney, and *shudders* The Magician's Skull himself. Topics include sword and sorcery (of course) as well as our "top picks" from GenCon."

Embedded Podcast - listen here!


Behind the Scenes Footage

  • Matthew John - Conan the Board Game and Rogue in the House
  • Steve Diamond - Horror Writer
  • Sean CW Korsgaard - Baen Books
  • Howard Andrew Jones - S&S Author and Editor of Tales from the Magician's Skull
  • Jason Ray Carney - Whetstone and Professor of Dark Arts
  • Deane Geiken - Rogue in the House Podcast
  • S.E. Lindberg - S&S Enthusiast

Sunday, July 10, 2022

Rogues in the House releases A Book of Blades

I am truly honored and excited to be amongst the rogues in this anthology. "Embracing Ember" is a Dyscrasia Fiction story that fills in Dr. Grave's struggles (as a single father and necromancer) to "raise" his three golem daughters. The chronology of short stories to date is below; a few more contributions are needed to span the epilogue of Spawn of Dyscrasia (in which Dr. Grave finally finds the ingredients to make his own family) to another novel in the works.

About A Book of Blades and Rogues in the House

This January Black Gate teased a second publication from the Rogues in the House Sword & Sorcery podcast while we covered the folks/rogues behind the show and highlighted episodes (Go Rogues! link). Beyond luring in S&S authors like Howard Andrew Jones, Scott Oden, John R. Fultz, and Jason Ray Carney, they’ve covered Morgan King & Phil Gelatt (creators of the movie The Spine of Night), Peter D. Adkison (founder and first CEO of Wizards of the Coast and owner of GenCon, the world’s largest board game convention), and Sara Frazetta (granddaughter of the fantasy master painter, an artist herself, and CEO of Frazetta Girls).

Now the anthology has been released into the wild. A Book of Blades hosts 15 short stories from established and emerging heroic authors! Check out the table of contents below. There are even illustrations from the aforementioned Morgan Galen King & Sara Frazetta, amongst other artists. All proceeds go toward making the show a stronger and more attractive platform for all. 

The anthology is available now in Paperback and Kindle.

Cover Blurb:

Within this tome are buried the blades of warriors, thieves, and wizards. Tales of their deeds, glories, and triumphs shall ring throughout the ages.
Rogues in the House Podcast has gathered the best tales of Sword & Sorcery from across the community.

Here, brave adventurers will find stories lovingly crafted from Heroic Fantasy greats such as Howard Andrew Jones, John R. Fultz, and John C. Hocking. At their side are up-and-coming genre authors Chuck Clark, T.A. Markitan, Cora Buhlert, and many more.

Includes artwork from various artists, including Morgan King, director of Spine of the Night, and Sara Frazetta, granddaughter of the Legend himself!

Short Stories Table of Contents:

  • “By the Sword” John C. Hocking
  • “Ghost Song” Chuck Clark
  • “Last of the Swamp Tribe” L.D. Whitney
  • “Wanna Bet?” T.A. Markitan
  • “The Serpent’s Heart” Howard Andrew Jones
  • “How They Fall” Angeline B. Adams and Remco van Straten
  • “The Breath of Death” Jason M. Waltz
  • “Embracing Ember” S.E. Lindberg  (A Dyscrasia Fiction entry)
  • “The Curse of Wine” J.M. Clarke
  • “The Gift of Gallah” Matthew John
  • “Crawl” Scott Oden
  • “The Spine of Virens Imber” Nathaniel Webb
  • “The City of the Screaming Pillars” Cora Buhlert
  • “Two Silvers for a Song of Blood” Jason Ray Carney
  • “The Blood of Old Shard” John R. Fultz

Illustrations/Art by:
  • Gilead
  • Ursa Doom
  • Sara Frazetta (legendary Frazetta Girl)
  • Lorelei Esther
  • Hardeep Aujla
  • Morgan King (director of The Spine of Night)
  • Jesus Garcia (front cover)

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