Sunday, June 10, 2018

Beth W. Patterson and S.E. Lindberg, Fellow Couillons?

Beth W. Patterson and S.E. Lindberg (one of these may be a "Couillon").

A family vacation to New Orleans brought me in close proximity to two authors: Charles Allen Gramlich and Beth W. Patterson (fellow Perseid Press "Hellion" and "Heroikan.")

This post focuses on meeting Beth in person, though the night was really about her fiancee Josh Paxton. He was releasing a CD that night as he performed in the Snug Harbor (album called Standard Deviation). Turns out, Josh has roots in Fairfield, OH...a stone's throw away from my home-base in West Chester. I missed hearing Beth's mastery of the bouzouki.  

Beth's Heroika #1: Dragon Eater story "La B├ętaille" features Pichou, a young girl, in Cajun country battling snakes, gators, and a dragon! She has a sequel submitted for Heroika #2 which she again weaves a tale based on New Orleanian myths. She indicated that a "Couillon" may be involved. That's French for.... a vulgar word. She is a bit mischievous, so perhaps she was just calling me names :) . 

I have hopes for a submitted sequel to my H1: Dragon Eater's "Legacy of the Great Dragon" called "The Naked Daemon"; it follows the Emerald Tablet (alchemy's philosophers tone) from Ancient Egypt into the Hellenistic Age. Here's hoping for an awesome Heroika #2! 

Standard Deviation
Josh Paxton, Snug Harbor NOLA