Saturday, September 25, 2021

GenCon_2021 Gaming Hall

This is part of a set of posts summarizing my GenCon 2021 experience:

  1. Overview of Gen Con 2021
  2. Gaming Hall & Painting: <-- You are Here
  3. in lieu of the Writer's Symposium
  4. Dead Man's Cribbage Unboxing 


Game Hall

This was the first year I had time to play in the Hall!

The Night Cage

Played this in the vendor area. This one I passed on Kickstarter, but the design kept drawing me back to the booth.  It's a cooperative game for 1-5 players. I played a match with one of the designers (Chris McMahon). I played with a family, the two younger ladies were not engaged at first, but within minutes were got the rules down and managed to partner to exit the labrynth of darkness. Got a signed copy and all the extra KS goodies (neoprene matt, metal figurines for player).

Perdition's Mouth

I missed the original Kickstarter, but did purchase the full set via Dragon Dawn Productions. This is a dungeon crawler, cooperative, without dice. Awesome dark themes.  My son and I had finished the main campaign, however, I wanted to play in the Game Hall.  In a 3hr session, I played with four friendly strangers...and we had fun marching to our doom/

Playing Bristol 1350

A game which we both backed via Kickstarter, but never got around to getting the 6+ players needed to test it out; here, we have Facade games teach us the rules.

Wyrd Games

Was on the hunt for a good ghost story game, and while roaming the Game Hall I stumbled across Vagrant Song by the makes of Malifaux. Apparently, it was in high demand, but I managed to snag a limited copy.

Cincinnati Arsenal Gaming

I hail from the greater Cincinnati area, but was unaware of this crew. They had a bunch of tables in the gaming hall and their mission seems to be help people play games. Super cool. They let my brother and I perform our unboxing of the prototype Dead Man's Cribbage game here. 

Kevin Fannin - Painting Miniature Class 

Lots of crafting classes were sold out fast. I enjoyed this 2hr crash course for introductory mini painting.