Saturday, September 25, 2021

GenCon_2021 Dean Man's Cribbage Unboxing

This is part of a set of posts summarizing my GenCon 2021 experience:

  1. Overview of Gen Con 2021
  2. Gaming Hall & Painting
  3. in lieu of the Writer's Symposium
  4. Dead Man's Cribbage Unboxing  <-- You are Here

Dead Man's Cribbage Unboxing  

This showcases the Dead Man's Cribbage game by unboxing it. Learn more about the game at:

"Traditional Cribbage with role-playing elements, narrative design, board, and miniatures! Just pick a role (ID card) representing a face-card from the suits: Hero, Villain, Skunk, or Deadman...then play Cribbage. Choose a peg that matches your character/colored-suit. After counting your hand as normal, just obey the card for bonus pegging. Your bonuses depend on your character state (healthy or infected). These vary by character." 

Unboxing presented at the Cincinnati Arsenal Gaming table in the GenCon 2021 Game Hall. Learn more about CAG: 

Virtual version available via the Tabletop Simulator (hosted by Steam, Link