Monday, April 4, 2022

DMR Books & Doug Draa PresentsTerra Incognita, S.E. Lindberg tale included


DMR Press Release for Terra Incognita April 2022

Follow the link for the full announcement.  Here are highlights:

In May DMR Books will release the anthology Terra Incognita: Lost Worlds of Fantasy and Adventure. This project was masterminded by Doug Draa, editor of Weirdbook Magazine. Doug assembled an all-star team of writers, including David C. Smith (author of Oron, The Sorcerer’s Shadow, and the Red Sonja series), Howard Andrew Jones (editor of Tales from the Magician’s Skull and author of the critically-acclaimed The Desert of Souls), Adrian Cole (author of numerous series, including The Voidal, The Dream Lords, and War on Rome), and John C. Hocking (author of Conan and the Emerald Lotus.)

Terra Incognita will appear in May in trade paperback and digital formats. The cover art was created by Lauren Gornik, whose work has appeared on other DMR titles such as Tanith Lee’s The Empress of Dreams, Manly Wade Wellman’s Cahena, and Harry Piper’s The Great Die Slow.

Table of Contents:

  • “Shadow of the Serpent” (a tale of Akram, hero of The Sorcerer’s Shadow) by David C. Smith
  • “The Place of Unutterable Names” by Adrian Cole
  • “One Hive. Two Queens.” by S.E. Lindberg
  • “The Siege of Eire” by J. Thomas Howard
  • “Warriors of Mogai” by Milton Davis 
  • “Necropolis Gemstone” by John C. Hocking
  • “From the Darkness Beneath” by Howard Andrew Jones

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Terra Incognita
: unknown territory: an unexplored country or field of knowledge
-Merriam Webster

You are holding a ticket in your hands.
A ticket for a voyage of thrills, wonder, and discovery as seven of today's top fantasists, each one a master of Heroic Fantasy, transport you to lands beyond your imagination. Lands of fantasy and adventure. And the only passport needed is your imagination.

Howard Andrew Jones sets sail into adventure with a group of sea-going merchants and their passengers. Many of them are not whom they seem to be and only reveal their true selves once a sunken kingdom from the bottom sea launches an attack against the travelers.
Adrian Cole transports a group of explorers to a Lovecraftian nether world of no return. Or is there, if one is courageous enough?
Milton Davis introduces us to a young man, barely past boyhood, who has to brave great dangers on his own to seek the help of ancient allies who may no longer exist.
John C. Hocking regales with the plight of a young archivist who is forced at swordpoint to travel into a parallel world full of horrors from a time long forgotten.
David C. Smith's courageous rebels under the leadership of an undying warrior must form an alliance with an ancient race to overthrow murderous usurpers, along with their necromantic masters, who are hell-bent on destroying their kingdom in an insane attempt to conquer the world.
S.E Lindberg gives us a distant world where two alien sisters, who were created in the image of man, wage a war against each other to determine the future of their world.
J. Thomas Howard reveals the harsh realities of ancient Eire, Sam Hain, and the war between the Fomorians and Tuatha Dé Danann.