Sunday, September 3, 2023

Gen Con 2023 Game Playtesting and Playing

 Gen Con Writers Symposium 2023 - S.E. Lindberg Chronicles

Dante: Invasion of Hell 
Creative Games Studio made chronicles of Chronicles of Drunagor, a miniature-heavy dungeon crawler.  Since I watched their Gamefound page for their next project (Dante: Invasion of Hell) I was able to secure a seat to play with the developer, Mauro Carvalho (also joined by friend Dirk Domaschko). Dante currently has two phases: (a) a narrative choose-your-own-adventure phase followed by (b) a tactical boss battle. Very promising. 

Hodl Up!
Free Market Kids game founder, Scott Lindberg plays his educational game Hodl Up: it is all about Bittcoin mechanics (the actual currency, not the investment in digital currency). The game is fun by itself, and since it is based on real mechanics it helps teach why things like 21 million, and halving events, and cold wallets matter!  Turns out, Magic the Gather artist Dan Scott is into this topic, and they played a game.

Scott Lynch Game

Yes, another "Scott" infiltrates my post, this time it is well-known author Scott Lynch and partner Elizabeth Bear. During our Writers' Symposium social event, he led a group of us through a comical, cooperative game he made.

Conan Prototype?

Even More Conan?

Heroic Signature's "consigliere" Steve Booth previewed a cool map that may be a portent of the future: