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"Art & Beauty in Weird Fantasy"

It is not intuitive to seek beauty in art deemed grotesque, but most authors who produce horror/fantasy actually are usually (a) serious about their craft, and (b) driven my strange muses.  I have been fascinated by how the historical weird fiction masters (RE Howard, Poe, Clark Ashton Smith, H.P. Lovecraft,...) held series beliefs that their "horror" was actually beautiful. Going beyond writing essays & posts, this collection engages contemporary authors & artists on the theme of "Art & Beauty in Weird/Fantasy Fiction."

1) Janet E Morris Interview (Link): Janet E. Morris has pushed people's expectations of sexuality and the role of women in fantasy fiction since 1976; check out my interview with her as we explore the role of Art & Beauty in Fantasy Fiction. This features the book: High Couch of Silistra.

2) E B Hudspeth Interview (Link): E.B. Hudspeth’s novel/art-book combination The Resurrectionist: The Lost Work of Dr. Spencer Black chronicles an artist/scientist as he “revives or brings to light again (aka resurrect)” a dormant beauty inside humanity. With a horrific tale complementing beautiful anatomical drawings of hybrid creatures, he invites us to reconsider the boundaries (if any) between man & animal…between art & science. 

3) C Dean Andersson Interview (link): C. Dean Andersson (a.k.a. Asa Drake) has written Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror since the 1980's and just released Hel X 3 (an eBook omnibus of his Bloodsong saga). The interview discusses how his fine arts education/creative-process informed his fiction, and features a previously unpublished painting. Find out how C. Dean Andersson makes the corpse-side of Hel appealing, putting a pretty face on his fears.

 4) Tom Barczak Interview (link): Barczak is an artist & architect who has a beautiful ability to capture angelic warfare with drawing pencil and keyboard. He says: "I can’t not write about loss and love, death and rebirth. It’s very much a part of who I am... Everyone has their own Heroes Journey. Tell it. And if you’re still on it, finish it. Then tell it."

5) Forrest Aguirre Interview (Oct 1st 2014) Forrest's short fiction has appeared in over fifty venues, including Asimov's, Gargoyle, Apex, and Polyphony. He is a World Fantasy Award winner for his editorial work, with Jeff VanderMeer, on the Leviathan 3 anthology. His novel, Heraclix & Pomp has just been published by the Underland Press imprint of Resurrection House press; with a corpse and fairy as protagonists, there is a lot of beautiful horror here!  Learn about his fascination with weird art and creativity, including the mysterious death's-head fez: Totenkopf, and why he thought he'd never live past 36!

6) Death Panel Convenes on why it is OK to go to Hell at anytime (2015): Some authors from the Doctors in Hell anthology convened for a death panel to decide your fate. Your affliction needing help?  Well, you heard about the recent release of this book but realized it is #18 in the Heroes in Hell series... is it okay to jump in now?   You are a bit timid to jump into death, so why not have the tour guides explain your worries away? 

7) Stephen Leigh Interview (2016): Stephen Leigh hails from Cincinnati and has professionally published over 26 novels and ~50 short stories (including those in George RR Martin's WILD CARDS). He has several identities, having also written under the pseudonyms “S. L. Farrell” and “Matt Farrell” in both the Sci-Fi and Fantasy genres. He is a musician and vocalist too, active in several local bands. Stephen teaches creative writing at Northern Kentucky University and has mentored many via his teaching. And behold, he recently wrote about artistic muses and alchemy in his splendid fantasy/historical-fiction novel Immortal Muse. Let's learn about his muses and see his fine art!

8) Katrina Sisowath Interview (2016), Katrina Sisowath is a contributing author at Her The Doom of Undal is a beautiful blend historical fiction and alchemical fantasy with fictionalized the plight of the royal Anunnaki (serpent cults with roots in ancient Mesopotamian deities of the Sumerian, Akkadian, Assyrian, and Babylonian cultures). The Dragon Court series continues with the recently released Fall of Undal. Let's learn about the author’s muses. Thanks to Katrina Sisowath for sharing her weird attraction to serpents, mythology, and sacred pregnancies!

9) Simon Williams Aona series 2016  Simon Williams is the author of the Aona dark fantasy series comprising five installments that just concluded. His work is attracting growing acclaim for its fusion of different genres and atmospheric, character-driven narrative. He has also written "Summer's Dark Waters", a sci-fi / fantasy /supernatural novel aimed at young adults.

10) Jerome Stueart 2017Jerome Stueart is a writer and illustrator whose work has appeared in Lightspeed's Queers Destroy Science Fiction, Fantasy,, Geist, Joyland, Icarus, Tessaracts anthologies, and other journals and magazines. He is a Clarion 2007 grad, a Lambda Literary fellow, a Milton Fellow and a Fulbright fellow--meaning he's a queer science fiction/fantasy writer of faith who has dual citizenship in Canada. Come learn about his Angels and Better Beasts!

11) John R. Fultz 2017: John is an established fantasy and weird fiction author. Influenced by Weird Fiction kings such as Clark Ashton Smith and Darrell Schweitzer, John Fultz has published the epic fantasy "Books of the Shaper" trilogy and has become a regular contributor to Weirdbook.. Learn about his past graphic necromancy (SKULLS) and his future releases (Veneration... and Son of Tall Eagle)!

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