Friday, October 25, 2019

Nov-Dec Groupreads: Classic REH and Fresh HAJ

The 2019 Nov-Dec Groupread poll for the Goodreads Sword and Sorcery Group is finished. Please join us to discuss and/or read!

Masthead illustration credits:
- Justin Sweet illustration of Kull
- Cover artist TBD of Howard Andrew Jones' Ring-Sworn book #1: For the Killing of Kings

(A) with 13 votes: Link to the Classic Robert E. Howard discussion, ie just the real Conan/Kull/Bran (no pastiche).

(B) 10 Votes (with a write-in): Link to discussion folder for Howard Andrew Jones' Ring-Sworn series


The next runner-up with 9 votes was Dyrk Ashton's Paternus and War of Gods books. which will be on our radar in future polls. Note that there is a Kickstarter coming up for that series: 2019 Hard Cover Kickstarter for Dyrk Ashton's War of Gods books -link