Monday, August 15, 2022

Horror, S&S, and Gamyfing-Story Panels - GenCon Writers Symposium 2022 - SE Moderated Panels

This is one of a series of reports on GenCon 2022; other links coming soon from this Table of Contents, to be posted in random order:

·                 Rogues in the House Podcast 

·                 Conan IP Owner and the Board Game - Playing with Rogues

·                 The Skull from Tales From the Magician's Skull roams the Exhibit Hall

·                 Dawn of Madness Gameplay with Byron Leavitt

·                 Writer's Symposium Overview

·                 Moderating Sorcery & Sorcery, Horror, Pulp, and Game Panels [You Are Here]


Here are the panels I moderated. The recording of each is below: 

  1. Sword & Sorcery Pastiche
  2. Rogues in the House - S&S Podcast Live GenCon Report
  3. Sword & Sorcery Renaissance in Writing
  4. Gamifying Stories and Storifying Games
  5. Back to Pulp
  6. Repulsive Appeal aka "the Horror Panel"


1)  Sword & Sorcery Pastiche; How to adopt someone's writing style, and where to blur the line to the original.

Howard Andrew Jones; Matt John, Jason Ray Carney, S.E. Lindberg (M)

Saturday 5:00 PM Aug 6th 2022

2) Rogues in the House - S&S Podcast Live GenCon Report


3) Sword & Sorcery Renaissance in Writing; is the genre coming back? Did it ever go away? 

Jaym Gates, Howard Andrew Jones, Matt John; Jason Ray Carney, Paul Weimer, S.E. Lindberg (M)

Friday, 4:00 PM Aug 5th 2022

4) Gamifying Stories and Storifying Games; Translating from one media to the other.

 Jennifer Brozek, Byron Leavitt, Matt John, Lucien Soulban, S.E. Lindberg (M)

Friday, 2:00 PM Aug 5th 2022

5) BACK TO PULP: Pulp is back! Why? And how do you do it right? 

Jaym Gates, Richard Lee Byers: Howard Andrew Jones; Jason Ray Carney, S.E. Lindberg (M)

Friday, 10:00 AM Aug 5th 2022

6) Repulsive Appeal (aka "the Horror Panel"); How do we make horror appealing? 

Maurice Broaddus, Byron Leavitt, Jason Ray Carney, Steve Diamond, S.E. Lindberg (M)
Thursday, 11:00 AM EDT Aug 4th 2022