Friday, August 19, 2022

SE Contributes A Big Lie! Liars in Hell Releases!

In Hell, Everyone’s Pants are on Fire!

Joe Bonadonna champions the release of another fun, dark, satirical entry into Perseid Presses' Heroes in Hell series on Black Gate. The latest volume in the Heroes in Hell saga Liars in Hell, is now available in Kindle and Paperback.
Faux News and Big Lies might feel like a contemporary pain, but rest assured, dear reader! Your curse has been shared. Liars have been meddling with humanity throughout history. Here ye the accounts of their eternal demise journaled by the damnedest writers in perdition. Note, that each themed entry in the Heroes in Hell™ series can be read separately. Hell has many entry points.
This is my fourth episode tracking Howard Carter and Ernst Haeckel in Hell (the spotlight turned on them with Pirates in Hell, followed through Lovers in Hell and through Mystics in Hell....and now.... in Liars in Hell we have: 

"Bait and Switch" by SE Lindberg 

S. E. Lindberg’s Bait and Switch is a fascinating, behind-the-scenes exposé for living large in Hell . . . by lying, naturally. Renowned tomb raider Howard Carter and his compatriot, discredited evolutionist Ernst Haeckel, are tasked by Anubis to clear the canals that connect the Egyptian underworld of Duat to New Hell. Unearthing arcana lures the duo into neglecting their duties to master the riddle of life, and faux news, while robbing naïve wealth seekers. Read this to learn their secrets to success.

Anyway, readers can start with an entry in the series. Pick a theme that may appeal to you and jump in. Story arcs follow historical characters across books, but each anthology is self-contained. So it's okay to jump into Hell at any time (see this Death Panel interview about starting if you are new to the series)
The Blurb for Liars in Hell
Hell is a real place. Anyone who has broken a commandment winds up there. That's pretty much everybody. Satan is the boss. You're okay until you're not. But never fear, all your friends are here. As well as everyone you've ever heard of. For what they have been up to lately, be sure to check-in. Thrill to the stories by Hell's damnedest: Janet Morris, Michael H. Hanson, S.E. Lindberg, Joe Bonadonna, Chris Morris, and Richard Groller.