Sunday, December 22, 2019

Deep Madness Scenario Guide - Chronology

I just submitted an updated Word file(Version 3) in the BGG Files for Deep Madness (Dec 22, 2019) to accommodate the Faces of the Sphere expansion.

I assume it will be approved soon by the admins.I think Version #3 will appear in place of #2 will appear here:

And the Deep Madness Facebook crew (thanks Phil) actually has a Files section (I just learned) and it has a similar guide:

Rise of Dagon
1: Rite of Bile
Ward Phillips
2: Virulent Whispers
3: Dagon Rising
Pre Core Story
Profundum PDF
(and/or The Faces of the Sphere)
1: Drowning in the Depths

Core Story
Core Story of Deep Madness
1: Crawling Asphyxia

2: Last Shuttle to Hell
3: Bathphobia
4: Through the Looking Glass
5: Madness Within
6: Lost in the Mist
7: The Horror Beneath
8: The Substance of Terror
Middle of Core Story
Oracle’s Betrayal
1: Trimming Virtues
John Murdock
2: Collecting Tissue
3: Lobotomy
True Ending
to Core Story
Uncounted Horrors
1: Another Dawn

Post Core Story
Profundum PDF
(and/or The Faces of the Sphere)
1: Faces of the Sphere

Endless Nightmares
1: Fathoms Dark

2: Fevered Dreams
3: Expectant Terror