Sunday, September 13, 2020

Books-for-Beverage program, and a nice review

So the Books-for-Beverage program continues. This time, Sir Dick Ward got complimentary. hot Green Tea Latte for reading even more Dyscrasia Fiction and Perseid Press books. He's read a bunch by now, and his wife even helped inspire the annual Larvae-cake celebration (the third event coming up again Halloween time, though the Covid culture may prevent me from sharing the infested cupcakes). Anyway, I appreciate his support and comradeship. Great guy. BTW, we were safely socially distance on an exterior porch for this photo opportunity.

The Books-For-Beverage program works as follows: buy a book that I author or co-author... and when you want a drink (coffee, beer, Tang, whatever), let me know; when we can meet I'll buy a round. This has worked pretty well, except for Liz Jacobs, whom I owe two drinks (her moving to Tenessee didn't help... but I haven't forgotten).

Also this week, Lords of Dyscrasia received a great review (excerpt below). 
"Lords of Dyscrasia by S.E. Lindberg reminds me of a Lovecraft/Moorcock lovechild
..... This is epic in a Dante sense. You plummet with the characters into a devil's playground, a nine pits of Hell kind of world where all the players are dead, dying or parading about in the flayed flesh of the fallen. This is full-length Lovecraft. This is completely unveiled Old Testament"  -- JR Koivu

More updates coming very soon about future installments of Dyscrasia Fiction. Cheers!