Friday, January 5, 2018

Cover Art Design - Helen's Daimones with Daniel Landerman -2

1) CONCEPT (LINK) : Goal & required elements
2) COVER ARTIST (YOU ARE HERE): Finding a designer
3) COVER DESIGN (LINK): Evolution of compositions to arrive at the final cover

ImagineFX magazine is a fantastic resource for graphic artists using digital media. As mentioned in Part #1, I was inspired by Daniel Landerman's sketches in a 2011 ImagineFX article. I decided to learn more about him, eventually contacting him to explore commission options.

Daniel Landerman has freelanced in the entertainment industry since 2003 doing concept design and production art for film, TV, and video games. He has been working predominantly as a sketch artist in advertising since 2008 for folks like
BLT, Ignition, The Ayzenberg Group, Blizzard and Riot Games.Specialties: Sketching, illustration, story development, blue ocean thinking, character/concept design, storyboarding, storytelling.

Browsing Daniel Landerman's Instagram page to see if he drew the undead too, I stumbled across his Titan (Lysis is not a giant, but his head would look similar being a skull with twisted horns).
Totally psyched that I may have found an artist who seemed to already know what I needed, I reached out to him. Thankfully Landerman did do some freelancing and we struck a rapport. Below I share some links to his videos and stills on Instagram, but the real meat of our collaboration is shared in the final post:

Part 3: COVER DESIGN Final Cover