Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Heroines - JanFeb 2014 Groupread

You are invited to the Sword & Sorcery Goodread's Group read!

Heroine Female Lead & Anthology Groupread: The poll results equilibrated enough to call these topics. This is the first time a write-in vote won, which is pretty cool. The concurrent group reads will start Jan-1st 2014 and run through the end of Feb (two months for two topics).

L to R credits for the Jan-Feb 2014 Banner 
Character // Artist // Title // Author(s) // Year
1) Red Sonja // Jenny Frison // Red Sonja Volume 1: Queen Of Plagues // Gail Simone, and Walter Geovani // 2013, 2014
2) Bloodsong // Boris Vallejo // Warrior Beast from Hel (2013 3Book release =Bloodsong! — Hel X 3 Trilogy) aka Werebeasts of Hel // Asa Drake aka C. Dean Andersson// 1986 
3) Aella // Dsbenix Digital Entertainment, Ximphonic Versus: Oblivium Sic Sempiternum (Xing Xin and Endro Gatotkaca) // Sword Sisters: A Red Reaper Novel // Tara Cardinal,Alex Bledsoe // 2013 
4) Jirel // Arnold Tsang // Black God's Kiss // C.L. Moore // 2007
5) Dossouye // Mshindo Kumba // Dossouye: the Dancers of Mulukau // Charles R. Saunders// 2011

Red Sonja Volume 1  Queen Of Plagues Werebeasts of Hel Sword Sisters  A Red Reaper Novel Black God's Kiss Dossouye  the Dancers of Mulukau (Dossouye, #2)

Other heroine books of interest that almost made in the banner:
Jason E. ThummelThe Bladewitch, released 2013
-Milton DavisGriots: Sisters of the Spear, 2013 and Woman of the Woods
Janet E. Morris's High Couch of Silistra

The Bladewitch (The Bladewitch, #1) Griots  Sisters of the Spear Woman of the WoodsHigh Couch of Silistra (Silistra, #1)