Monday, December 4, 2023

Happy Holidays from the Lindbergs - 2023

Happy Holidays 2023 - Card by Heidi Lindberg, 2023

Happy Holidays 2023  

Heidi took the lead again on the annual card. She has a ton of material to choose from, including this cardinal she drew last year from a photograph she took in our backyard (photo below, along with two versions of the timelapse of her drawing in Procreate).

Previous cards (since ~1997) are displayed as a montage, and posts about each one.  

This past year, Connor completed a second rotation of co-oping at the Army Corp of Engineers in Louisville, KY (for his Environmental Engineering degree at the University of Cincinnati). Erin surpassed a year at P&G making Power BI Dashboards! Seth juggled authoring a few short stories outside of work and managed to Chair the Gen Con Writers' Symposium. Heidi continues to create lots of art while serving as a teacher's aide at Lakota.

Best to everyone in 2024. Peace, the Lindbergs

Photography of Cardinal in Hawthorn Tree by Heidi Lindberg

Time-lapse Videos - 30sec version

~6min Timelapse below