Tuesday, July 5, 2022

Spotlight on SE - DMR Books' Blog

 Independent Author Spotlight: S.E. Lindberg (link)

DMR Books recently honored me with an invitation to participate in the Terra incognita: Lost Worlds of Fantasy and Adventure anthology. This spotlights an interview with me on the publisher's awesome S&S blog.  
“My goal when writing is to take myself to places that are completely unique and unsettling; if I do not feel the sincere weirdness while composing, then readers won’t feel it either."

I tackle the below questions:

  • Please introduce yourself and tell us about your background as a writer.
  • What are the most prominent influences on your writing? How do you incorporate those influences without being derivative?
  • Many authors say marketing is one of their biggest challenges. What tactics have you found to be most effective for getting your name out there?
  • How much do your audience’s expectations factor in to what you write? Does this ever cause you to hold back from experimenting?
  • Have you had any new stories published recently? Are you currently working on any?
  • Name one newer and one older book you have read and enjoyed recently. (“Newer” meaning from the past year or so, and “older” meaning written before 1980.)