Monday, February 21, 2022

Mar-Apr 2022 Group Reads: Tierney Memorial and Obscure Books

Goodread's Sword & Sorcery Group

March-April 2022 Group Read Topics:

Topic 1) Richard L. Tierney memorial group read (link to folder)

Richard L. Tierney passed away this month. Let's read some Weird Detective occur or Red Sonja in his honor!  

Topic 2) Obscure Books group read (link to folder)

Dig through your bookshelves and unearth some arcana.  Or seek out an underappreciated classic and shed some light on it!

Banner Artist Credits

  • Boris Vallejo 1981 "The Ring of Ikribu"
  • Zach McCain 2021 "the Drums of Chaos"
  • Steven Gilberts 2021 "Sorcery Against Caeser"