Friday, October 23, 2020

Nov-Dec Groupread: Charles R. Saunders Tribute and Sword & Soul


For the Nov-Dec 2020 Sword & Sorcery groupreads, the topic will be Sword & Soul in honor of Charles R. Saunders's passing (by royal decree). So Saunders will be a focus, but the sub-Genre he championed is all fair game. Including the works inspiring an HBO series for the Asuna works (Sebastian A. Jones) and all of Milton J. Davis's work too. Please join us! Discover and rediscover Sword & Soul!

Link: Discussion Folder for Saunders/Sword&Soul 

Link: Poll used as a means to declare which book you intend to read (and see what others are choosing!) 

Banner Credits: Saunders and Sword & Soul Groupread Banner. Cover artists for Charles R Saunder's works:
- 2013 The Quest for Cush cover art by Alain Brion
- 2011 Griots: A Sword and Soul Anthology cover by Natiq Jalil
- 2008 Dossouye cover by Mshindo Kuumba