Friday, August 21, 2020

Wagner's Kane AND Farmer's Dungeon are the Sept-Oct Groupreads

The Sword & Sorcery group on Goodreads invites you to join is this Sept-Oct as we "Groupread" two topics:

(A) Philip Jose' Farmer's "The Dungeon" series, folder Link: A) Farmer's Dungeon

(B) Karl Edward Wagner's "Kane", folder link: B) Wagner's KANE

As usual, we love to foster discussion with topics that are close. So any Wagner work would work to stimulate reading, and any Philip Jose Farmer work is ok (he inspired/edited The Dungeon series, but was not an author). Also, "Sword & Soul" was a very close runner up. Expect that topic to come back in Nov-Dec.

Banner Credits
Death Angel's Shadow -Karl Edward Wagner with cover art by Les Edwards 
- Philip José Farmer's The Dungeon Books 1 and 6 - both had cover art by Robert Gould: The Black Tower and The Final Battle