Thursday, October 26, 2017

First Review of Helen's Daimones comes in from Greece!

It is fitting that the first published review of Helen's Daimones comes in from Greece!  

Daimones is a Greek word (yes, like Dyscrasia, I did not make up the word).  "Daimones" refers to any spiritual entity, angel or demon.

The rating is swell, but more importantly in the thoughtfulness in the  review will future readers delve into the series. It is penned by Andrew Paul Weston, a lead author in Perseid Press's Hell series (i.e. Hell Bound and it's sequel Hell Hounds) who hails from Greece. He is familiar with the underworld and does a splendid job.

"Remain true to who you really are" Review By Andrew Paul Weston

"There’s nothing quite like this world, and to be honest, I’m hooked. Lindberg has created an unreality where contagion, magic and muses blend seamlessly together into a hauntingly miraculous realm. It’s the stuff of nightmares and daydreams brought to life and made flesh ... corrupted flesh, for the Chromlechon is now the only place where survivors can feel safe.
Adventure, suspense and mystery; depth, poignancy and meaning. Helen’s Daimones has it all, conveyed in a hypnotically evocative way that will draw you in and involve you from the very beginning. 
Do yourself a favor, discover who YOU really are, by involving yourself in the world of Dyscrasia. You won’t regret it." - Andrew Paul Weston 2017