Friday, September 1, 2017

More Than Human - Bundle Promo

"More Than Human- eBook Bundle"

A. L. Butcher, fellow Heroika: Dragon Eater author and Light Beyond the Storm Author (Sex & Sorcery novel reviewed by S.E.) is in a real jam.... or bundle. She has has two novels in this set of 11 eBooks.
Currently just $6 for the whole set. It's like buying an anthology. A great way to discover new authors.
11 Books (currently for under ~$6) 

To save. To guard. To heal.
Beloved people, precious things, and sacred spaces move our hearts and inspire us to defend them.
In these tales of redemption and rescue, more-than-human heroes stand forth as champions to protect all that is worthy of protection.
Walk with these elves, imps, wizards, dryads, gods, and guardians as they subdue demons, free the enslaved, preserve the world, comfort the exiled, and cross swords with the dark. Read and revel in their triumphs and tribulations.

The Shining Citadel – A. L. Butcher
Technological Angel – Barbara G. Tarn
Needle-Green – Debbie Mumford
The Cartographer's Daughter – Karen L. Abrahamson
Serpent’s Foe – J.M. Ney-Grimm
The Crystal Courtesan – Karen L. Abrahamson
The Guardians - Book 1 – Don Viecelli
Love Apidae (A Recumon Story) – Michael R. E. Adams
The Flat Above the Wynd – Alexandra Brandt