Friday, February 17, 2017

Pirates are coming to Hell!

Image may contain: textPirates in Hell

Coming Spring 2017 from Perseid Press, the next installment in the long running Heroes in Hell series. Cover design by Roy Mauritsen.

When is a good time to go to Hell?  Well it always is. But don't believe me, review the minutes from the 2015 death panel!

Pirates in Hell Contents:
1.) Bitter Business, Janet Morris & Chris Morris
2.) Pieces of Hate, Andrew P. Weston
3.) Evil Angel, Chris Morris
4.) Who's a Pirate Now? Nancy Asire
5.) Curse of the Pharaohs, Seth Lindberg
6.) Lir's Children, Paul Freeman
7.) Unholiest Grail, Larry Atchley Jr.
8.) Bitter Taste of Hell's Injustice, Jack William Finley
9.) Serial Recall and Beautiful Tortures, Michael H. Hanson
10.) Drink and the Devil, Rob Hinkle
11.) The Pirates of Penance, Joe Bonadonna
12.) Muse of Fire, Janet Morris

Bonus Excerpt from Hell Hounds, a Heroes in Hell novel by Andrew P. Weston.

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