Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Goodreads Sword and Sorcery Group - Newcomers Guide

Interested in participating in the Goodreads's Sword and Sorcery group? Click on the above link to join. Here is a starter's guide:

Be civil and leave your inner savage... is our group's mantra.

Who is there and why? Readers, authors, illustrators, and editors discuss Sword & Sorcery books and related media (movies, comics, blogposts, etc.).

Goodread guidelines: This group is a daughter of the parent Goodreads.com which has provided:

Spamming / over zealous promotions: If you decide to advertise, please do so at an appropriate frequency after reading the S&S group guidelines 

Discussions: Some confusion is normal for new comers since we have parallel conversations going on simultaneously, and some members bounce between them. Many conversations are spread out over years. Some feedback:

1) Please do initiate conversations!

2) If possible, start conversations in a folder/thread already dedicated to the topic....but don't worry too much. I suggest browsing the ~14 top folders pretty much reveal where to go. Many times members will spawn a deep discussion in the Currently Reading folder; then we try to redirect people to dedicated areas

Here are links to some of the key folders:

Note the Search tool... in the right hand side of the screen on the group homepage (above the moderator pictures); that is an easy way to find books/authors/topics of interest to you

Groupreads are staggered: 2 months periods...and two topics each. About half way thru, we'll poll to identify the topics for the next period. Final results are emailed ~1week prior, but the polling status can be seen on the group's homepage at anytime (bottom).

We never delete/archive discussions (Groupread topics or otherwise), so many previous discussions are still available ... and its perfectly fine to continue/resurrect those even if they are years old.