Friday, May 1, 2015

Clonan and Obscure Books - Sword & Sorcery Groupreads for May-June 2015

All adventure readers, please join the Sword & Sorcery crew's group topics. Clonans and Obscure Books are the May-June topics of interest. Time to dig through your bookshelves and used bookstores to find forgotten treasures...and re-evaluate the Clonan craze. 

Clonan Discussion-Link  and    Obscure Book Discussion-Link

May June 2015 Groupreads: Clonans and Obscure Books
Masthead Banner cover art credits (Left to Right):
Frazetta 1969 cover: Thongor Against the Gods by Lin Carter
Frazetta 1968 cover: Brak the Barbarian by John Jakes
Jeff Jones 1969 cover: Kothar Barbarian Swordsman by Gardner F. Fox

Thongor Against the Gods (Thongor, #3) by Lin Carter Brak the Barbarian (Brak the Barbarian, #1) by John Jakes Kothar Barbarian Swordsman by Gardner F. Fox