Sunday, June 5, 2011

Lords of Dyscrasia: Video Trailer

  1. Lords of Dyscrasia S.E. Lindberg
  2. Graphic Sword and Sorcery >50 Illustrations
  3. Dyscrasia (kills): a blood disease shared between man and god
  4. As Picti and Elders die, Lord Lysis must choose:
  5. Heal The Gods...or...Take Their Place
  6. So begins a WAR over magic blood
  7. Animated Graphic 1 caption: Lord Lysis...Undead Hero
  8. Animated Graphic 2 caption: Dyscrasia Kills
  9. Animated Graphic 3 caption: Heal...or...Kill
  10. Animated Graphic 4 caption: Hell
  11. Lords of Dyscrasia

This animation I post individually without audio, since it is weird enough for a closer look.  It is a blend of Photshop, Flash, and AfterEffects.  You will note the inspiration from my entry re: tentacled creatures: Creepy Myelins.