Saturday, January 22, 2011

ImagineFX and Grunge Textures

This year Lords of Dyscrasia should embark in its publishing process, either a publishing group I met at the World Fantasy Convention in Columbus, OH 2010, or via a self-publishing route.  I am working on updating the sketches now, adding a grunge look to most.  A Flash browser of the entire gallery is available here:

For example, I show the undead archer/cannibal Gnarl below:



Workflow: in future posts I'll share my workflow.  In short, I sketch with pencil first.   I explore various compositions that reflect the character and the atmosphere in which they are being depicted at that point in the story.  Then I scan it in, and work the rest via Photoshop.  I have recently discovered a community of professional artists who have similar workflows (ImagineFX).  The magazine is a bit expensive, but is worth it for the tips and digital resources provided on the DVD.  Many "reprints" of tutorials/workshops are available free @