Sunday, November 6, 2016

World Fantasy Convention 2016 Wrap Up - Sword and Sorcery Panel

World Fantasy Convention 2016 - S. E. Lindberg Summaries:

Sword & Sorcery Panel 

Scott H. Andrews was on the "Swords & Sorcery Panel" (along with David DrakeMercedes Lackey (guest of honor for WFC 2016), S. M. Stirling and James A. Moore (moderator). Scott seemed to be the only one in touch with contemporary authors (publishing post 2000); he runs Beneath Ceaseless Skies an e-zine of short fiction. James Moore was a professional moderator and did not speak of his own work, as well he could have. Drake, Lackey, and Stirling were not attuned to newer work, so it was refreshing to have Scott speak for the next generation. His BCS was up for a WFC award.

There was a strange absence of any discussion on popular Warhammer or Forgotten Realm series.... and a lack of acknowledgement for contemporary works/authors in Ragnorak Publications or Rogue Blades Entertainment, or even Black Gate (also up for a WFC award). Actually no one even mentioned Andrzej Sapkowski...who was being honored for a lifetime achievement at this event (he was not present but his Last Wish book was handed out to everyone.)