Thursday, October 27, 2016

World Fantasy Convention 2016 Panels and Moderating

World Fantasy Convention 2016 Columbus OH Oct 27-30

S.E. Lindberg - Panels and Moderating

Getting ready to head north to Columbus for the 2016 World Fantasy Convention. Looking forward to buying used books, talking to experienced authors, editors, and illustrators.  Should be fun. This will be the first time I join a panel... and I have the honor of moderating one too!  

The Fantasy Writer-Artist : THURSDAY 9PM   DELAWARE CD

We can think of numerous examples of fantasy writers (novelists or short story writers) who were also accomplished painters or illustrators – from Mervyn Peake to Janny Wurts. How does working in one medium affect work in the other? We hope to hear from active contemporary writer-artists on this panel, not just talk about them.
Brenda Carre, Sally Grotta (m), Seth Lindberg, Jerome Stueart, Charles Vess

The Eternally Difficult (but Fascinating) Writers : SATURDAY : 10 AM UNION AB

The writers who will never be popular but who will never fade away. It has been suggested that at least one person a year will read David Lindsay’s A Voyage to Arcturus with great fascination from now until the end of time. But he will never be popular. Clark Ashton Smith’s prose style repels some and enchants others, but we know he will never sell millions of copies. We don’t mean just neglected writers. What about the “difficult” writers? Does James Joyce’s Finnegans Wake (a dream fantasy of sorts) fall into this category? What is the place for difficult prose styles or ideas which can only reach the few and never the many?

Robert Knowlton, Seth E. Lindberg (m), Gary K. Wolfe, Janeen Webb, Kathleen Ann Goonan