Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Lords of Dyscrasia Giveaways - Summer 2013

Free Illustrated Dark Fantasy!

Fifty Lords of Dyscrasia ePubs, PDFs, and Kindle Mobi's are being given-away on Librarything (until Septemebr 2nd 2013)!

And a tangible paperback is being offered on Goodreads!

Goodreads Book Giveaway

Lords of Dyscrasia by S.E. Lindberg

Lords of Dyscrasia

by S.E. Lindberg

Giveaway ends October 07, 2013.
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"Pulp fantasy for the horror fan!" Beware, Lords of Dyscrasia is dark. How dark? Check out this review from a disturbed Goodreads reviewer: "...This is, without a doubt, the darkest book I've ever read. I don't have any problem with those sorts of things normally, but this was on a whole other level of twisted evilness. Murder, rape, cannibalism, drinking blood, necrophilia, necrophagia, demonic possession, and things involving children that I wish I had never read... You can try to compare it to Poe, who is dark, but not holy crap this is seriously effed up psycho dark…. In summary, this is an amazingly intricate and unique story line which is totally psychotic and I will never read it again…" 

Looking for unique horror? Read on. : "...Outside of the works of Poe and Lovecraft, there are few, if any, novels comparable to [Lords of Dyscrasia]...Beowulf comes to mind both for its epic quality and bloody action...The pace is nearly breathless... Lindberg, who also created more than 50 illustrations and the cover for this book, makes the majority of current popular fantasy fiction read like recipes by comparison. Lords of Dyscrasia is highly recommended, though not for the faint of heart."Lords of Dyscrasia explores the choices humans and their gods make as a disease corrupts their souls, shared blood and creative energies. Historically, dyscrasia referred to any imbalance of the four medicinal humors professed by the ancient Greeks to sustain life. Lords of Dyscrasia presents them as spiritual muses for artisans, sources of magical power, and contagions of a deadly disease.

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