Sunday, August 28, 2011

Free eBook Previews for PCs eReaders, Kindle, iPad, and the Nook!

As of Aug 25, 2011, a variety of ePub editions of Lords of Dyscrasia are available for sale for only $2.99.   Time to check out the Free Samples for eBooks and PC’s, Kindles, Nooks, and iPads!  These previews equate to the first 40pages of the paperback (due out in a few weeks).

Here’s how to get your free previews (excerpts): 
1) Follow the below Links to the Lords of Dyscrasia storefronts:
2) Click on the appropriate Send Sample to PC or device option (see below figure):

3) Browse your FREE sample on your PC or mobile reader!  Don’t have the FREE eBook readers yet?  Follow the below links, then after installing them, get the samples! Note: you do not have to own a Kindle or Nook to get the PC versions to work!

4) Navigate by chapter, or by illustration caption!  Easily browse all the grotesque images!